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To be successful with your search engine optimization, you must keep up with the changes that are being released by Google. This means not only staying on top of the algorithm changes as they are released, but to also ensure that you are giving website visitors the best experience possible. Starting with the best website design Dubai experts can create for you.

Quality Blog Posts are Important

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While working on your website design Dubai based professionals can ensure you have the foundation for success. This begins with a blog that you will need to keep updated with superior content.

On this blog, you need to have high quality information that answers a consumers question when they read your blog. It should offer insight into the topic that is unique and leave them feeling like they have learned something new and factual information.

All URLs Should Be Optimized

Having static, keyword rich URLs are being highly regarded by Google. For your SEO efforts to be highly effective, you need to ensure that you are doing some simple things to help ensure that you are making use of your URLs.

  • Keep all URLs below 100 characters
  • Never use more than three subdirectories
  • Local keyword terms should be in URLs
  • Separate all words with dashes in the URL

The Importance of Heading Tags

As part of your website design Dubai area designers create for you, ask them to show you how to place heading tags on your website. Each page on your website should have a H1 tag on it that shows the main topic of the page and this will usually be your title tag in most cases.

In subsequent head tags like H2, H3 and so on, use your keywords in them if you can do so naturally. That keeps the information helpful and will provide a useful boost to your rankings.

Google Authorship Can’t Be Overlooked

Google has taken steps to verify authors of content and to help people become “experts” in their niches. With Author rank, an author posts content with their Google Authorship and gain credibility with the posts that they have. This tool is expected to become more important in future algorithm updates from Google, so incorporating it now in any website design Dubai designers offer can be a great choice.

Keywords are Still Important

Keywords have always been a critical part of a website’s success on the internet. That isn’t anticipated to change anytime soon. However, you can’t place random keywords into a piece of content and call it good. All keywords need to appear natural in the content and the piece you create shouldn’t be overly saturated with the keywords.

What you can do is add LSI keywords into the piece you are writing and use variations throughout the entire piece. This will help to ensure that the keywords not only appear natural, but other terms people may be searching could end up drawing them to your article.

Title Tags Are Critical

If you’ve paid attention to the changes Google has been making, title tags have consistently been important. Your title tag will eventually become the clickable link in search engine results. While ranking high is the goal of all website owners, it means nothing is no one is clicking on the title tag. For your homepage, it is generally a good idea to keep it listed as your company name. On other pages use relevant keywords that can be used to describe the page. Just keep in mind you only have 65 characters in this link. So make sure you are maximizing the real estate you have. A good idea is to create five different possible title tags within the limits and choose the one that you feel gives the greatest overall impact.

Explore But Don’t Go to Extremes

One of the common mistakes people make is having a keyword and exploring it across a number of niches. Just like the density and use of keyword is important, you also need to ensure that there is a defined topic for your website.

If you specialize in Dubai weddings and you are looking at a particular keyword that could carry over into the paranormal, you shouldn’t begin crossing over between both. Maintain the focus and direction of your website so it remains logical at all times. That way, you can maximize the impact that you have and avoid some of the red flags that may otherwise come in the process.

Content Should Be Top Notch

If you are posting 300 words on a topic, you might not be winning Google’s heart, unless the content is mind blowing. Google is looking for longer content that gives a great deal of substance. You don’t have to post a 20,000 word piece for each post, but if you can create high quality content, go for longer articles that provide value to the reader and give them something that draws them in and makes them believe you are the best resource possible.

Image Tags Should Be Clear and Concise

Often an overlooked item for SEO, the alt image tags are going to be a very powerful part of the impact you have online. You have a chance to ensure that these images are ranked high in the Google Image Search feature and they will help your general search engine placement to be higher. Ensure you are adding your primary keyword to these images in their tags and make sure that they match up. A highly descriptive tag of the image gives readers an idea of what is there, while helping to boost your results in the search engines.

Of course the website design Dubai business owners need will vary from one industry to the next. However, success will be achieved in the same manner with your SEO, so ensure that you keep these important tips in mind and do what you can to stand out against your competitors and take advantage of all the requirements that are in place, thanks to the evolution of Google.

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