The Best Tips for Web Design in Dubai

Building a website seems like a daunting task for many business owners, which is why so many choose to use a professional. After all, you want your website to look great while providing usability to site visitors. While you may not be a professional, it is important to know a little about web design so you can choose a quality company that offers web design in Dubai. Here are some of the best web design tips. Familiarize yourself with these tips and you will find it easier to spot the best web design companies.

Tip #1 – Ensure Each Website Page Offers Value

One of the best tips for web design in Dubai is to ensure that each website page offers value to site visitors. A good website is about a lot more than just style. Remember, you are making a website to attract visitors, so your website needs to prove useful and interesting to site visitors. Even if your site looks amazing, it will not bring back visitors if it doesn’t offer something of value. When a website is being designed, ask a couple important questions. Why will visitors want to visit your website? What do you have to offer visitors?

Tip #2 – Avoid Design Elements That Distract Visitors

Another important tip is to avoid design elements that distract your visitors. A number of design elements may prove distracting. First, sounds are often distracting to visitors. No one wants to listen to something against their will. Do not add music or self-playing videos to your website. In most cases, they will drive visitors away. Animation is often a distraction to visitors and it results in slower connections as well. Skip the animation and you will keep visitors happier.

Another design element to avoid is scrolling text. Scrolling text does not allow the reader to read at a pace that works for him. Some users may be frustrated because the text scrolls by too fast, while others will be annoyed that they have to wait for more text to appear. Let visitors decide how they want to read your text and avoid scrolling text. A good rule of thumb is to avoid using design elements that do not provide a direct benefit to your site visitors.

Tip #3 – Ensure Visitors Can Easily Find Things

Companies that provide quality web design in Dubai know that ensuring visitors can easily find things on a website is essential. Start by organizing the website. Site organization helps visitors find things on the site without a problem. It is also important to reduce the number of clicks between your information and your visitor. If you make visitors keep clicking to find the information they want, they will probably end up leaving your website. Do not use pages that welcome visitors or pages that just include an “Enter” link. Visitors do not want to go through extra pages to find the information they desire.

It is also helpful to include a link to the home page from each webpage. Many site visitors like to have the ability to go back to the home page if they get lost looking for something. Include text that actually says, “Home” so visitors know where to click to get back to the home page. Sometimes users end up entering your site in the middle of the site, so a link to the homepage will prove valuable. While you are including a link to the home page, it is a good idea to include a navigation menu on each page as well.

Tip #4 – Optimize Your Site for Performance

Website users today want great performance, so an important tip for web design in Dubai is to optimize your website for performance. If it takes too much time for a website to load, most visitors will leave the page and head on to another site that loads fast. This is particularly true for visitors using mobile devices to access your website.

You can use a couple methods to make sure your site performs well. First, image files should be compressed. If you fail to compress files on a website, it will increase the load time. It is easy and fast to compress image files and they will take up less disk room as well. Another method to increase site performance is to limit the use of flash multimedia. Most consumers do not like flash-based sites, so in most cases, it is best to avoid flash, since it bogs down load times.

Tip #5 – Design for Optimal Site Readability

If your website makes it difficult for visitors to read text, you will have a tough time keeping them on the site. This means that the website must be designed for optimal site readability. It is a good idea to avoid allowing text be over 650 pixels in width or it makes it difficult for visitors to read text. A website should also avoid pages that are too wide or too narrow. A good choice for overall page size is about 1200 pixels.

Keep backgrounds simple so visitors can easily read text. It is tough to read light text when it’s on a light background, and likewise, it’s difficult to read dark text when it’s on a dark background. Some color combinations are also hard on the eyes, making it difficult for users to read text. Text should also be designed so it is large enough to read. Visitors should not need to squint to read the text on a website.

Tip #6 – Ensure Everything Works

It’s also important to ensure that everything on your website works. Users will not enjoy using your site if links aren’t working. Take the time to test links to ensure they are working as they should. Many websites have links that no longer work, which is frustrating for visitors. After a website is built, it is important to routinely check the site for dead links. Any dead links should be removed.

Tip #7 – Design with Accessibility in Mind

Any website should also be designed with accessibility in mind. This means that your business’ contact information should be included on every page. You can add it on the top of the page or the bottom of the page, or both if you like, but make sure that information is available. If visitors have to hunt through the site to find out how to contact the business, they may not make the effort. Make it easy for visitors to get in contact with you.

Of course, these are just a few of the important tips for web design in Dubai. Any quality web design company will use these tips as they design a website for your business. If you are ready to have a quality, professional website, start looking for a quality company today. A local Dubai web design company will be able to guide you through the process of designing a website, ensuring that your business website is designed to meet your needs while making sure that it is easy for visitors to use. A quality website can transform your business, so consider contacting a web design company today.

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